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September 16, 2012


I noticed that almost every people I met (personal bank officer, my husband’s colleague in the class) are lefties. Through this site I got some interesting notes about them. It is mentioned that the language also is a source for the recorded misunderstanding towards the left-hander. The word left was found to have originated from an Anglo-Saxon word called “Lyft, “which means “weak.“. Ouch

Unfortunately, scientists states almost similar thing. It is reported in 2007 by Oxford University-led team that they found gene that may also bring risk of developing psychotic mental illness.

The gene, LRRTM1, appears to play a key role in controlling which parts of the brain take control of specific functions, such as speech and emotion.

Whatever it is, I personally believe that left-handedness is still a normal person. They’re unique, that’s it




September 15, 2012


Change and challenge. Two different words, related meaning. I read a good quote once

”When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” 

It’s true, I might not be able to change the condition, but I can challenge my ability, my thought, to keep thinking and bursting.

September 14, 2012

Fact and Myth about Sleeping

I had a problem of sleeping. Sometimes I can not even keep my thought quiet. My mind keeps busy bursting idea. That leads me to go searching some advice regarding to my condition. Though I don’t consider myself as insomnia sufferer, I go find some myths about that. As usual, some are truly myths and some are not.

    • Drinking can help you sleep. Myth. This is truly myth. You’ll find yourself hangover after a drinking night. Even worse, you wake up earlier than time you hope you’ll awake. Disclaimer: I never prove by myself about this point, no!
    • It is a mental disease. Myth. The reason of sleeping problem can be various. Not only stress, but hygiene, chronic pain, illness also. Go consult a doctor before pointing finger that you have a mental problem.
    • Exercise do helps. Fact. Doctor figure out that some regular exercise stimulate you to sleep better. Don’t do exercise nearly on bedtime, though.
    • Entertainment helps. Myth. Electronic stuffs are clearly not a good thing to be a round your bed. Actually I can not put my television out of my bed area. I live in studio apartment, what can I say? *grin*
    • Sleep aid are risks free. Myth. I have to admit that I got a help from some over-the-counter sleeping aid. I do find this is the effective way. Some articles suggest that it’s not a long-term solution, indeed.
    • Make up for lost sleep. Myth. I know usually we took an extra sleep over the weekend to substitute hour’s lack of sleeping in the weekdays. This option is not recommended.
    • Napping helps. Myth. For people with insomnia, napping in the afternoon decreases the brain’s sleep drive.
    • Learn to need less sleep. Myth. It’s biological need you talk about.
    • Get out of bed if you can not sleep. Fact. Some suggest that if you can’t sleep in one hour, you might better get up for a while, doing something or simply listening to music to get yourself relax.
    • The problem goes away as time goes by. Myth. Especially for serious insomnia. You should consult with doctor and not hope that will go away by doing nothing instead.
    • Acupuncture. Not proven yet. This treatment has not been proven to improve sleep quality

pic is taken from here, some info are from here

September 13, 2012

Where Your Road Leads

I’m the first and he’s the third. That was the rank in our company batch, several years ago. That was truly a number since everyone else knows that he’s much smarter than me. We’ve been through 4 years together as colleague until one day he asked me out for a date. Me, as geek lover, thought that his invitation worth a try, a decision I never regret. I found out he’s smart and funny one, a complete package.

It was my dream to be a professional working woman, especially in the technology field. I bet it sounds pretty cool, at least I did. Due to conflict of interest and maintaining integrity, company issued regulation to prohibit married couples work together. I was the one to bow out. I ran a search another career path in another company. Many things arose, but I prefer not to call it problem. Discussing with him, I know that he wants the best for me, I made decision to let the chance go this time. Moreover my husband got his ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’, pursuing his master degree abroad. I don’t want to miss every single tick far away from him. Here I am, joining him living abroad, happily.

I still have my own dream, my passion… now it is even better, completed with a cup of affection. Just like Anthony J D’Angelo said ‘treasure your relationships, not your possessions.’

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