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July 16, 2012


This is even not my desk (I will never let my desk be clutter like this!) nor my working group (at the day this pic is taken). But I miss this nuance sooo much 😦
The building. The cubicle. The screen. The job. The people. Not to mention the serenity.


July 15, 2012

I Feel Terrible for Saying that I Give Up

taken from this

I found myself exceptionally irritated by the noise in my current working space. I can’t stand anyone who boisterous and not give any respect to others. I have to say this sadly that I give up having my productivity decreased, my work hindered, and my concentration gone away. My job required me to THINK and any LOUD talking whatsoever destroys my train of thought.

I read in an article that controlling noise in the workplace enhances worker productivity and protects employees’ hearing and health. I couldn’t agree more. Every time I had auditory disturbances, I felt my level of adrenaline’s getting higher and I can’t stop grumbling. I can feel that this is not good for my mental & physical health.

I did ask a help from my supervisor. I even ask my boss to change my office to a more quietly place. It’s useless. Nothing happened. None helped. I have to take an action, lest I let my health be ruined.

Frankly, I feel really sad. I loved my daily job. I loved my new experience. Every project is unique and presenting an opportunity to hone my skill in IT banking. But this noisy workplace is just too much to handle. I merely need proper and conducive working place. Am I asking too much?

July 11, 2012

Not the Right Time

I always write my idea down as they come in draft before editing, scheduling then publishing it. I surf to find pictures that makes my posting more beautiful. It takes days even weeks before I push the publish button in WordPress tab.
Yesterday I bumped into an article in Cleo Magazine with similar idea and picture I’m about to post in the next three days. I did postpone the post since I wanna publish it in the day I officially quit. Ah!