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Hello! This page is dedicated to showcase my dancing performances. I provide ‘dancing’ category in my blog but I think it’s not enough so I create this page.

Indonesia Independence Day. Saman. 17 August 2016

 photo 6C8C52A7-8C7A-499A-ACB5-12C57C42A959_zpsvcbuexzb.jpg

Ringwood Primary School workshop. Saman
 photo 14352260_10206818075000641_4024231737187152541_o_zpsvg0vfaty.jpg

Bendigo Mosque. Saman photo 14434893_1596091590687604_414753186416826285_o_zpsgsdncops.jpg

Mt. Erin College workshop. Saman  photo 8AEB2E5B-2A92-477E-87D1-DD1B503C7A91_zpst78f9tel.jpg

Mercy College Coburg. Saman. 21 November 2016 photo CE5B2EC0-9D65-46F0-B843-C6D4D6497D15_zpsi168cncs.jpg

Australia Award Scholarship Farewell party. Tari Piring. 25 November 2016 photo IMG_2979_zpssls7vugk.jpg

Sri Lankan night in Oakleigh. Tari Piring. 26 November 2016 photo IMG_3030_zpswxbjndep.jpg

University of Melbourne Workshop. 13 December 2016

Welcoming LPDP. 4 March 2017
 photo 14BD4936-D85E-4759-ADCE-83FA4E44F2D7_zpswodkvhxu.jpg

Artiumnation. 11 March 2017

 photo DSCF0584_zpsmjru8cox.jpg

Victorian Multicultural. 25 March 2017

 photo 17505001_1411157112290290_3265743771446986093_o_zpsgpicbjvv.jpg

Mt. Erin College workshop. Saman. 31 May 2017

 photo 2A98B5E4-D175-4D9B-9141-3376E221527B_zpsknv27j3b.jpg

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