Mystery Blogger Award

I steal this picture from Ai’s blog


So, this is the first award has been given to me during my 10 years-blogging moment. I think it’s because I’m not so good in having interaction within blogosphere so I don’t really have blog-buddies over there. Usually I pour my heart and head out onto the journal, read the others’ stories but not religiously write in their comment section nor respond to the comment in my own site. Apologies, guys.. But usually once the draft has been posted, my mind is occupied by other things.

Back to the award… I did my research and found out that the award is dedicated to amazing bloggers with ingenious posts that captivate, inspire and motivate. Usually these people run the blog with passion and love.

Does the above paragraph sound like me? Apparently Ai thinks so because she dedicated the award for me.. Hahahaha. Thank you so much, Ai šŸ˜€

3 Things About Me

To be honest, this part is not because I’m self-centric and thinking that the world revolves around me or anything.. But the award requires me to do so, so here I am.

  • I’m a ‘good citizen’. I obey the rule. I take things seriously. I don’t know whether this is due to my personality or just the outcome of my parents taught me to follow the rule. Maybe both.
  • Telling a joke is not my forte. But I laugh at even the low quality ones. My close friends told me that I’m too easily amused on everything, to which I have mixed-feeling not knowing whether it’s a compliment or vice-versa.
  • Coffee, travel and books work great for me. Yep, I’m giving you all hints in case you want to treat me.

Answers to Ai’s Questions

  1. What’s your biggest motivation to travel the world? At the beginning, traveling is not the thing that I initiated by myself. Yes, I travelled a lot since I was a kid and I travel even more in my adulthood. But the first time I travel is because my father, and the latter due to my husband. Being an easily triggered on anything, a simple statement like “hey, do you wanna go to Lombok next month?” will provoke me searching on Traveloka :D.
  2. Who inspires you to travel? Again, it’s not my idea but my husband’s. It’s easier for us to travel coz we got double-income and childless. Things would have been totally different if I was a stay-at-home lady and/or we had kids.
  3. The travelling book you fancy? Believe what.. I got none! Despite my hobby to read both fiction and non-fiction, I never find the fun in reading any other people’s experience in books. Mostly because I hate to pay something for the things I can search online for free.
  4. Have you ever get lost? Once. And that was because I’m not really good at reading Google Maps direction. A year ago, I and my husband went to Perth, one of the most enjoyable cities I’ve ever visited. I created plan to go to Blue House then walked all the way through the park to reach Kings Park. My chosen path was really a quiet, uninteresting city park leads to nowhere. Turns out that there was the better track with the more attractive view to choose. Yeah, silly me!
  5. Please mention your favourite country to visit. Without any doubt: United States of America. I would love to visit US again and again and again. There are too many things to do, so many activities to choose and so many natures to enjoy.

Actually the award also states that I have to produce 5 random questions and nominate 10-20 people for this award. I think it’s ironic that I mentioned I always follow the rule but I break one almost immediately. But truly, I don’t really have lots of friends so I decided to not forward the award to others.

Sooo. That’s all folks. I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

One Comment to “Mystery Blogger Award”

  1. Wow, mantaaap sudah ngeblog 10 tahun, Mba šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘

    Thank you so much Mba ā¤ļø
    Keep writing & keep traveling šŸ˜Ž

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