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April 11, 2017

My Stance Toward this Messy Condition

I think I’ve had enough. I no longer can stand this anymore. Apparently someone tried to be hero by surreptitiously slipping message into art. His step, his message, his philosophy.. basically is no better than a rubbish. But you know, people say that stupidity has no limit. I second that.

As explained by Wilson, this verse prone to be misinterpreted, let alone that particular man convey his message during hapless period of time. I don’t speak Arabic. I believe you, the reader, are not Arabic native speaker also. We know lots of Arabic phrases through our daily prayer. How many of us truly spend our time to learn, analyze each and every sentence of Quran, try to understand the meaning, history and message behind that? For those who really do, I salute you..

But for people like me, the one who only understand a tiny bit of Holy Quran, I truly hope that we can be more astute, conscious and let your little gray cells work well by reading. Reading. And reading. Broaden your knowledge. Please. I beg you.


Wanna know more about what I’m talking about? Check Willow Wilson blog post: Here is What Quran 551 Actually Says. I totally agree with her.