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January 16, 2013

Conversation Meeting (again)

Today I joined my second conversation meeting with Mrs. Didi (she insists to be called Didi), a very nice old lady that lead our group on weekly meeting. I met another girls, 1 Japanese and 2 Chinese. Mrs. Didi asked about any unique habit or way of thinking or tradition.. anything.. from each of us.

Here we go, I myself got excited in listening their story. Too bad I couldn’t remember any special habit of my own. They shared their stories about Valentine’s Day in Chinese. Not only on February 14th but also on July 7th. It’s a love story about a couple that only can meet onĀ 7th day of the 7th lunar month. Mrs. Didi told us about a habit shared by her former Turkish student. In Turkey usually in the beginning of May some of them write their wishes down and bury it under the rose plant. Myth says that the wish will come true. Mrs. Didi and her students did it once, at rose park near university. It’s fun, she said *grin*

Mrs. Didi also shared about any idioms that she believed hard to find in any book but is common used in daily conversation such as ‘red handed’, ‘green thumb’, ‘bird brain’, ‘nosy’, ‘twist your arm’ and so on. Some of them are a new term for me, so I was more than happy when another girl responded her bait well.