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January 15, 2013

Pitts (late post)

There are some pictures taken during our road trip to Pittsburgh left behind unposted on this blog. 

ala pre wed gini. jauh-jauhan

ala pre wed gini. jauh-jauhan


Stephen Foster Memorial

It’s few bricks short of a load when you’re visiting University of Pittsburgh and not taking pictures with its mascot statue. Different from Syracuse U that has an orange as the mascot (Go Orange!), UPitt chooses a vicious animal figure as its mascot, the Pittsburgh panther. We visited one of the statue residing on the corner of William Pitt Union Center, only steps from Cathedral of Learning which we’ve seen before.

Didn’t feel flying high enough only on taking pictures side by side with the statue, my husband spontaneously jumped and rode on the back of the animal *haduh*


ekspresi wajahnya badung banget khan


gantian saya yang nunggang panther