Google Nexus 7

Considering my husband’s habit in exploring gadgets, I shouldn’t have wondered that one day he would decide to place a bid on eBay for newly launched Google Nexus 7. It’s been more than 30 days, so I think it’s long enough to review this item based on daily abuse 😀

First of all, let me rave about its dimensions. 7″ is small enough to stash in your cross body bag and head out. But don’t underestimate the size, you’ll get enormous mega pixel from its teeny-weeny screen. Actually this is main reason that urged him to buy the gadget. My husband need to bring a Kindle book to the class, but think that iPad is too much of a burden.

Good things came in small package, its video quality is magnificent! My husband tried to play his collections of The Big Bang Theory series in 720p HD quality on this Nexus 7 and he satisfied! Utilizing a proper video player app found in Google Play Stores, Nexus 7 can be used to play almost all video formats, including .mkv, a video format iOS can only play stutteredly.

google play 2


Bear in mind that earliest Google Nexus came in WiFi version only. In US, this won’t be a problem, because almost every public places equipped with free WiFi service. Or you can use your own Mobile HotSpot device. ‘What if the only option I have is using USB modem?’ this question came up on one forum. No problem, a rooted Nexus 7 can still access the Internet only by using USB modem (with some help from special application of course!)

As a drawback, I thought that Project Butter’s swirling, pinching and swiping gestures are still lacking of those in iOS based gadgets, a little bit of less responsive compared to the latter name. I hope Google will improve this on the next Android OS. And also, I still can’t found big name apps such as NBC or ABC in Google Play Stores, it’s a pity that I missed episodes of Modern Family or Grey’s Anatomy or Nashville that I can watch freely in my iPad, but it’s definitely Google’s issue rather than Nexus’, isn’t it?


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  1. kayaknya seukuran sama galaxy tab pertama ya?

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