Random Joke

Pantes orang bule gampang banget belajar bahasa Indonesia soalnya bahasa Indonesia lebih simple dibanding bahasa Inggris! Nih contohnya….

• English: “Would you please care to elaborate on that statement?”
* Indonesia: “MAKSUD LOEEE?!”

• English: “The meeting will start at 9:15 AM. Please be there 15 minutes before
* Indonesia: “Jangan Telat Yee !”

• English: “I definitely​ won’t make it. You guys go and have fun without me
* Indonesia: “Ntar gue nyusul.”

• English: “Your statement is already known by everybody else
* Indonesia: ” BASI.. LOEEEE!!!”

• English: “I couldn’t see the necessity of this conversation
* Indonesia: “GA PENTING BOOOOOO …!”

• English: “I couldn’t think of any idea of where to go and what to do
* Indonesia: “MATI GAYA NEH!”

• English: “I need to tell u..something unfortunately still need to be confirmed on its validity
* Indonesia: “Eh eeeh….TAU GA SIH LOEE….(Ngegosip) ”

• English: “I couldn’t imagine what else could’ve happen
* Indonesia: “BUSEEETTT….!!!”

• English: “The conclusion​which is not accepted
* Indonesia: “CAPE DEH!!”

• English: “Pardon me
* Indonesia: “HAAAHH??”

• English: “I think you should not act in such an improper way
* Indonesia: ” PLIISSS DEEEEH…!!!”

• English: I think it would be better if we don’t see each other again…”
* Indonesia: “LOE…GUE…END!!!”

• English: Thanks God… This moment and circumstances mean so much to me and I should be grateful….”

taken from joke thread on femaledaily forum


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