Bag, Bag and Bag

I’ve been exposed to newest bag collection and sale every single day. I’ve gotta admit that some of them makes me drool over. Blame on my daily activities. I go browse this, search that and often I ended up in one web store. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to spending some amount of money, many things come into consideration.

One main reason in being too picky before putting one item to my shopping bag is its model. I’d like having one perfect classic bag than having three latest trend bags that goes old years later.

current hit bag: satchel

These are items I think about before buying a bag:

  1. Price. I’m not crazy enough spending 2 times of my monthly income for one piece of bag. I know some girls do. Not because I can’t afford one, but I set maximum price for any tertiary items. Many say that a luxury bag is in investment but that reason doesn’t make any sense to me.
  2. Brand. I put NO respect on replica products or KW quality. I bet Indonesian knows this term so well.
  3. Style. I prefer choosing one bag in a style that endures season after season, not something trendy.
  4. Color. I prefer one that stands out. Ummm, what do you think about red *smirk*

This is my first branded bag I bought in January 2011. I got a good deal since this was second.

my beloved rouge longchamp cabas

pic is taken from


3 Comments to “Bag, Bag and Bag”

  1. sekarang, di sini mah semua juga ada KW-nya…
    but i agree with rule #2..!! 😀

    mending otentik meskipun kudu mantengin cyber sale, xmast sale, atau blablabla-sale lainnya huahahahah…

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