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November 12, 2012

PPS IT 2 BRI – 2005

Although one person left bad taste in my mouth, I’ve to admit that this group brought luck to me. I met my husband in this company recruitment program, seven years ago.



miss you, munyum

not much difference, eh?

look how slim I was! *sigh

go orange!

Let me introduce Yunita and Farra. Yunita happened to marry a guy from this group also. I consider it’s a coincidence as her husband got scholarship from the Company. They’re living in Birmingham, UK. Meanwhile Farra, she is pursuing her master in UNSW, Australia. Again, scholarship from the Company 😀

yunita’s husband was standing behind her!

28 of us. minus my husband who took this pic

In case you were wondering why the pictures quality were poor, there were no gadget with high resolution camera back then

Happy anniversary,  PPS IT 2!

14 November 2005 – 14 November 2012

PS: this date was chosen after long debate among some of us which date to be remembered as anniversary date. Is it signing date of contract? Or first classical date? Finally we took the date officially registered as trainee in the Company human resource system.