So, Where is Body Measuring Tape? I Need One

I found myself surprisingly slimmer after two months living here. How do I become so assured about that? It’s my new pair of jeans that speaks louder than anything. I took a little time to ponder why before listing these things.

Teh Kotak
This is kind of drink I couldn’t live without. Or at least I thought I do. Every single time I went back to my office from lunch break, I did a visit to Indomaret to grab one. I regularly consume extra 105 calories a day accidentally. Wow!

can you guess which box do I grab? of course the one with extra 50%!

Beng Beng
Good thing comes in small package, indeed. I found a simple happiness in this teeny-weeny piece. I snatched this one also and put another 100 calories to my body. Phew..


Those are things I leave since there’s no convenience store near apartment.

Recently I do this activity at least once a week. I’m determined to cut transportation cost by doing much walking than taking a bus. Nearest groceries is Wegmans which is located 2.6 miles (4.2 km) from our apartment. Of course that’s only one way distance. Totally, I spend energy for walking 8.4 km once a week. Pretty cool, I know

path we take to do groceries shopping

Tooth ache

I got serious signal from my beloved molar teeth that I should be taken care of.  They threaten me to consume less sugar or I’d go broke once I treat them reckless. This is main reason I post this before


Anyway, after writing this rambling still I can not provide an accurate proof since.. I have neither scale nor measuring tape. Uh oh.


2 Comments to “So, Where is Body Measuring Tape? I Need One”

  1. aduuh gileee bengbeng tuh makanan kesukaanku, coba deket, aku traktir bengbeng sekotak deh 😆

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