About Blogging

pic is taken from bookchums.com

I love checking Freshly Pressed. I do it religiously. They put spotlight on some blog posts. I learn many new vocabularies, lingo, terms, whatever it is. Some posts cracked me up. Some turned me into silent rumination. Others lead me to reach my notebook where I write down any term sounds completely novel word to me. I also take a notice about style of writing, how to convey an idea, tell a story about daily activities, anything!

I ended up follow some of the bloggers that has been pressed. Because I want to get notification every single time they click the ‘post’ button. Not only following those whose been spotted by WordPress, but also another blogger that post any interesting thing for me, such as DIY projects, outfit of the day (I love looking at those beautiful pictures), cooking recipe (I might steal those ideas), author of novels and some update from my beloved friends.

How about you? What kind of blogger would you like to stalk?


One Comment to “About Blogging”

  1. mampir kemari pengen iQro abaout wedding preparation + review…tapi ga ada kah??

    *males ngubek fuLL postingan*


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