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October 16, 2012

Your Favorite Childhood Games

Reading this post reminds me about my childhood. I and my brothers usually went play outside. There are numerous games that we enjoyed. Many of which you likely played during your own childhood :D. What game did you play the most then? Mine are:

  1. Tak Benteng. This is a defend and attack game. Players are divided into two groups then they have to defend their own specific symbol (usually a tree or a pole) from being invaded by opponent group. But you have to make sure none touch you or you’ll get arrested then.
  2. Karet. Player has to put their best effort to pass rubber strap hold by two person.
  3. Jamuran. This is a very silly game, but I really really loved this one! It’s difficult to explain how this game works. Anyone care to help?
  4. Gobag Sodor. Similar as tak benteng, gobag sodor is a defend and attack game. This is a crazy and extremely exhausted game. Point of this game is blocking opponent and escape from the rectangular area (yes, we draw the line in the ground). Rules of this is one group being keeper and another as attacker. The defender group have to move in certain line and try as hard as possible to frighten away attacker from entering that area specified before.
  5. Chess. Having three brothers and no sister urged me to play such a masculine games.
  6. Spica & Sega. What else I can say? Our friends played that kind of video games, so did we.

kids are playing karet