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September 19, 2012

Famous Economics, Contribution and Daniel Kahneman

Someone whom I follow in Twitter mention about Daniel Kahneman’s book once. He has same taste in reading as me. Some books he mentioned as his favorite turned to be mine, too. Gotta admit that I’ve ever found one exceptional 😀

I seek the titles in Syracuse University library, but too bad only find one: Thinking, Fast and Slow. I haven’t finished reading it yet, but I have to say that I love the way he wrote. He provide his own research, one of them was conducted along with his colleague who died in 1996. His ideas have had a profound and widely regarded impact on many fields—including economics, medicine, and politics. A review by  Janice Gross Stein, The Globe and Mail even said that he stands among the giants, a weaver of the threads of Charles Darwin, Adam Smith and Sigmund Freud.

I eventually remember about some great economists, some of them are listed here. One of the famous economists listed, Irving Fisher and his treatment of the Money Illusion anticipated Kahneman & his colleague, Amos Tversky to their research on the psychology of decision-making. The research focused on impact on investors and savers of the tendency to think of currency in nominal, rather than real terms.

If you find this topic is interesting, go grab the copy in the nearest bookstore 😀

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