I noticed that almost every people I met (personal bank officer, my husband’s colleague in the class) are lefties. Through this site I got some interesting notes about them. It is mentioned that the language also is a source for the recorded misunderstanding towards the left-hander. The word left was found to have originated from an Anglo-Saxon word called “Lyft, “which means “weak.“. Ouch

Unfortunately, scientists states almost similar thing. It is reported in 2007 by Oxford University-led team that they found gene that may also bring risk of developing psychotic mental illness.

The gene, LRRTM1, appears to play a key role in controlling which parts of the brain take control of specific functions, such as speech and emotion.

Whatever it is, I personally believe that left-handedness is still a normal person. They’re unique, that’s it





2 Comments to “Lefty”

  1. I’m left handed, (relatively sane 🙂 ) and I’ve never thought twice about my leftyness.

    Although I was surprised to find out only 11% of people are lefthanded (I thought it was around 1/3rd), as like you, I know a lot of left-handed people. It just doesn’t seem that rare.

  2. I dare not questioning sanity, hahaha…
    Yeah, almost every person in the class are lefties. Not only Americans but also Indians and Chinese. Thanks for stopping by, btw

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