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September 14, 2012

Fact and Myth about Sleeping

I had a problem of sleeping. Sometimes I can not even keep my thought quiet. My mind keeps busy bursting idea. That leads me to go searching some advice regarding to my condition. Though I don’t consider myself as insomnia sufferer, I go find some myths about that. As usual, some are truly myths and some are not.

    • Drinking can help you sleep. Myth. This is truly myth. You’ll find yourself hangover after a drinking night. Even worse, you wake up earlier than time you hope you’ll awake. Disclaimer: I never prove by myself about this point, no!
    • It is a mental disease. Myth. The reason of sleeping problem can be various. Not only stress, but hygiene, chronic pain, illness also. Go consult a doctor before pointing finger that you have a mental problem.
    • Exercise do helps. Fact. Doctor figure out that some regular exercise stimulate you to sleep better. Don’t do exercise nearly on bedtime, though.
    • Entertainment helps. Myth. Electronic stuffs are clearly not a good thing to be a round your bed. Actually I can not put my television out of my bed area. I live in studio apartment, what can I say? *grin*
    • Sleep aid are risks free. Myth. I have to admit that I got a help from some over-the-counter sleeping aid. I do find this is the effective way. Some articles suggest that it’s not a long-term solution, indeed.
    • Make up for lost sleep. Myth. I know usually we took an extra sleep over the weekend to substitute hour’s lack of sleeping in the weekdays. This option is not recommended.
    • Napping helps. Myth. For people with insomnia, napping in the afternoon decreases the brain’s sleep drive.
    • Learn to need less sleep. Myth. It’s biological need you talk about.
    • Get out of bed if you can not sleep. Fact. Some suggest that if you can’t sleep in one hour, you might better get up for a while, doing something or simply listening to music to get yourself relax.
    • The problem goes away as time goes by. Myth. Especially for serious insomnia. You should consult with doctor and not hope that will go away by doing nothing instead.
    • Acupuncture. Not proven yet. This treatment has not been proven to improve sleep quality

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