Where Your Road Leads

I’m the first and he’s the third. That was the rank in our company batch, several years ago. That was truly a number since everyone else knows that he’s much smarter than me. We’ve been through 4 years together as colleague until one day he asked me out for a date. Me, as geek lover, thought that his invitation worth a try, a decision I never regret. I found out he’s smart and funny one, a complete package.

It was my dream to be a professional working woman, especially in the technology field. I bet it sounds pretty cool, at least I did. Due to conflict of interest and maintaining integrity, company issued regulation to prohibit married couples work together. I was the one to bow out. I ran a search another career path in another company. Many things arose, but I prefer not to call it problem. Discussing with him, I know that he wants the best for me, I made decision to let the chance go this time. Moreover my husband got his ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’, pursuing his master degree abroad. I don’t want to miss every single tick far away from him. Here I am, joining him living abroad, happily.

I still have my own dream, my passion… now it is even better, completed with a cup of affection. Just like Anthony J D’Angelo said ‘treasure your relationships, not your possessions.’

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  1. second here… 🙂

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