Potluck Party, What Food and Thing to Bring

I was invited to a late summer picnic (I call it late since it’s Fall already). I had no idea what to bring, the theme was “Indonesian Food”. I’m not good at cooking. I don’t want to embarrass myself then. But it’s not polite to not bring one dish to share with the rest of the group. Soda and pizza surely was not a good idea. A potluck assumes guests to bring a food into which they’ve put some time and effort. So I urged my husband to do groceries shopping to get pempek ingredients.

Our host lady was very warm. She has two children, Harry and Fatima. Harry greeted us by saying “Assalamualaikum”… so sweet. Fatima was a shy & nice girl.

me and beautiful Fatima

We unlocked food we bring over the kitchen table. There were pots of hot tea, hot coffee, fried Indomie, meatball, lumpia, rendang, kue lapis, es teller, brownies, ice cream and last but not least, pempek 😀 Although the term “potluck” suggests a random assortment of dishes, it’s likely to turn out better this day since the course are organized well, from appetizer to main course to dessert.

rendang, lumpia, pempek, meatball

We had a lovely and nice chat in the comfy living room. Asides from the nice and pleasant house, our host has a trailer as their second house. Sometimes, when their house is being rented for holiday they move to that trailer. Honestly I thought that living in trailer only happens in movie, hehehe

Have I told you that the house is right in front of lake?

view from the house

From the party I attend today there are some points to take care about:

–          Bring food in proper jar. So the host won’t bother provide the bowl or jar. If there were 8 guests, there would be 8 different kind of food. It’s not easy for the host to prepare bowl for every food.  You don’t want to distract the host pulling stuffs from the cabinets.

–          Zip lock or extra food jar would be nice, so if there are leftovers, the host will not bothered to provide you some.

–          Provide the small bowl or plate to help guests take their own portion


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