Student Dependent Card

In order to get same amenities as my husband does (gym, library, campus transportation), I seek for a student’s dependent card. It’s quite late, actually. He has got his at our first week we established our live here. I thought that it will take a long way to get dependent card so I didn’t expect too much.

Yesterday afternoon, 1 pm, I and my husband went to Steele Hall, where Syracuse University’s House of Meal, Housings and ID Card Services resides. We didn’t have to take a queue since there was only a few including us. An old lady asked us how she can help. My husband conveyed his intention. Shortly, she took 5 minutes to process our application, literally. All we have to do were only fill a form, show our marriage certificate, show my passport and visa, pay 10 USD for application fee and then smile at  camera (me, not my husband) and voila! I was amazed since I thought that she would ask her boss for approval and so on and so on (pardon my Indonesian bureaucracy mindset).

Guess what, we went out from the office handling this card! Yay!

only took 5 minutes to get this card


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