Mix It Up!

A friend of my husband once told him to meet up in a meeting held by International Center in Syracuse University (SU). We had no idea about what we’re getting ourselves into. My husband was not in a good mood attending the event but it was me had to be under arrest for compelling him to join the event.

What is Mix It Up?

We arrived at the hall to find many tables with international students chat, laugh, eat. They seemed know each others well. Emm.. I did feel that the event was not really where I belong to. Until one lady approached us and greeted “HI! Is this your first mix it up?”. I nodded hesitantly “Yeah..”
She replied zestfully “Perfect!! Put your name down here! Don’t forget, your e-mail too…”

After writing down our name and e-mail, I and my husband looked around the room. We chose to take food before sitting down. Those food were yummy! Beef with black pepper sauce, vegetable quesadilla, sushi (too bad the sushi contains crabs, I have a seafood allergic), fruits and vegetables salad.
We took a chair in the middle of four girls that seemed know each other. My speaking & listening is poor, so I took a very short conversation with them.  Sigh.

The host lady was very warm. She mingled in every tables, greeted everyone. She told us that this year is her fifth year hold this agenda. She loves to meet people. She enjoys every second hearing other’s story. The host urged us to stand up then move to another table so we meet someone new, someone we don’t even know before. The host wanted us to discuss about a topic. The topic was “how does the Dalai Lama visit to SU impact to you personally?” FYI, Dalai Lama has an agenda visiting SU in next October.

We discussed about that in around 5 minutes (actually my new friends DISCUSSED while I’m hearing saying nothing.. oh my). Then the host lady asked us to sit in big circle. She asked us to propose an idea, question, suggestion, anything. She encouraged us to speak. To discuss. Well, one Chinese girl throw out her feeling about her American friends. She got many response, from Chinese girl, Korean man, Rumanian lady, Japanese guy… Oh I love hearing them speaking! Too bad I didn’t get enough nerve up to take pictures. Sure it was not my last meeting, I will take any photos later..


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