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August 29, 2012

Oriental House of Syracuse

Three months ago I was invited to a group in Facebook. It consists of US and UK grantees’ wives from the former period. I’ve to admit information shared in that group is valuable (at least for me). Some of members post tips and tricks such as handling shipping from/to US & UK – Indonesia, recipes until information you can’t find in Google as those are too specific (refer to experience related to the company).

An idea crossed on my mind, if they post the recipe in the group, that recipe must be easy, rite? Indonesian cuisine has been known as spicy culinary. It tastes so different from European or American. I had obstacles finding any spices and fresh foods. Not to mention any Indonesian products. More especially in Syracuse, NY.

Some says that I should pay a visit to Indian, Korean or Chinese grocery store. Unfortunately we currently don’t have a car so we can’t go to another area, especially if the location can not be reached by bus. Google Maps helps me show many Asian stores. So, yesterday I decided to reach one of them, located around 6.1 km from our apartment. No bus passes the store so I had to take a walk. After had walked for about 3 km (alone, my husband was having a class), I saw this signpost.

Ooh, can you imagine how happy I was? I entered the building and found treasures there! Moreover when I found this rack.. Indomie!

So, if you happened to go to Syracuse, don’t forget to search this address:

1706 Erie Blvd E
Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 475-5533