Wedding Day: Where to Splurge, Where to Save

Alhamdulillah my wedding rundown ran perfectly. I was extremely happy, blessed and oh so exhausted. Dealing with anyone (my beloved dad, wedding vendors, and family) is not easy. You might ask, why do you write this down after 6 months? Simply because I like to 🙂

I and my husband are not demanding character. We both prefer low-budget and friendly wedding. Here are our argument in splurging in an item and saving in another.

Splurge on

Catering. I decided on the best catering. Thanks to Caterindo Catering Service. I loved every second of working with them. Gina from Caterindo guided us to choose the best menu turned to be ours too 😀

Venue. I want the ideal spot for my reception venue. Aside from that, it’s my father insists on having a venue that easy to be accessed from toll road. OK, dad. Your wish is my command. So we decided to take Gedung Antam as our wedding venue.

Make Up Artist. I splurge my budget for package (make up + kebaya akad + reception for me and beskap for my husband) from Miarosa Rias Pengantin. Please look at these pictures below. They’re not disappointing, is it?


you can click my newer post about Miarosa

Save on

  1. Invitation. Nobody will stash your invitation, believe me! It’s you the only one think yours is worthy to keep.
  2. Photography. I said no when this vendor asked whether I want neither video nor pre wedding session. Hey, I’m on my early thirties, too old for that –“. Besides I knew that my husband soon to be (at that time) won’t survive the photo session.
  3. Decoration. I took the standard package from Aura Decoration. I can see questioning gesture from the marketing when she asks about flower, decoration and kind of gebyok that I want.

Her      : “What kind of gebyok do you want? Traditional? Modification?”

Me       : “Anything would be fine”

Her      : “What flower do you prefer?”

Me       : “Nggg… I don’t have any idea. Can you choose it for me?”

Her      : “Do you want any added plant in front of your gebyok? It would be extremely beautiful.”

Me       : “Should I pay higher that your standard package?”

Her      : “Yes.”

Me       : “I prefer not. I choose your standard package. That’s it”

Though it was the most inexpensive package available, the quality was not the lowest, for sure.

not bad, huh?

this is beautiful. i love Aura Decoration’s job

i don’t need extremely beautiful. this IS beautiful

  1. Entertainment & MC. I don’t want any extra baby piano, saxophone whatsoever. The most minimal one. Period. Nevertheless Revi’s Entertainment did fabulous job.

    i never met this vendor before my wedding day. contact them by e-mail only. too lazy to spend my time in arranging songs list

  2. Wedding souvenir. Almost every wedding souvenir I got ended on trash bin. Seriously, what’s the point of having FIVE notes, SEVEN pencils, and THREE towel cake? I chose souvenir that really meant to be ended to trash bin. Praline. Throw it away, I don’t care. The positive side of having food as wedding souvenir is when the ceremony’s over and there were hundred pieces left, my brother ate it happily. 
  3. Bride dress. I took Miarosa Sanggar Rias Pengantin as my MUA & bride dress vendor. Instead of making a new kebaya or asking them to make one as fresh collection then give me ‘sewa perdana’ price, I chose the (again) most standard one from that Make Up Artist.

    the expert is working on my hijab

  4. Dresses for family. I search in Tanah Abang and Pasar Baru (lucky me I got discount price) for the fabric then let it modificated by them 😀

Then again, it’s life after the ceremony that counts.. not the wedding reception that only took 3 hours.


5 Comments to “Wedding Day: Where to Splurge, Where to Save”

  1. I do agree with you that we need not spend a lot of money for wedding ceremony. we need more money after that. beside, our marriage will not be remember because of the luxury. how we cherish one to another that will be remembered.

  2. I loved the food so much. Really, never had it before. That’s just one thing (from any other things) i’ll always remember about your wedding. Slurrrpp.. *still curious the chocolate waterfall, Angga was crancky so i had to get him out of the venue without tasted it :D*

  3. kamu cantiiiiiiik banget huooooh.

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