Buying Refurbished Item

I might say that I set my buying criteria a little bit too high before. Don’t get me wrong. If I choose to buy something, I want it be forever. Brand, specification must be perrrfect 😀

Living as a student’s wife with zero income has turned me into someone-not-too-picky anymore. Added to the point that we will live here for 2 years only.

During my microwave oven hunt I do look over all Walmart page to get the best deal. I don’t insist on having the latest one, I just need one microwave oven that works best! Hence I don’t have reluctance buying a refurbished one. I do search, is it safe buying a refurbished? Well, at least the product has a warranty and I dealt with an established seller (who doesn’t know Walmart?)

Currently I have used this for a week. Hope it won’t bother me with any problem


3 Comments to “Buying Refurbished Item”

  1. Next, try your luck at garage sales and flea markets. You’ll save even more!

  2. How big the opportunity will we found an iMac lying around on somebody’s yard sales? *hehehe*

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