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August 19, 2012

Buying Refurbished Item

I might say that I set my buying criteria a little bit too high before. Don’t get me wrong. If I choose to buy something, I want it be forever. Brand, specification must be perrrfect 😀

Living as a student’s wife with zero income has turned me into someone-not-too-picky anymore. Added to the point that we will live here for 2 years only.

During my microwave oven hunt I do look over all Walmart page to get the best deal. I don’t insist on having the latest one, I just need one microwave oven that works best! Hence I don’t have reluctance buying a refurbished one. I do search, is it safe buying a refurbished? Well, at least the product has a warranty and I dealt with an established seller (who doesn’t know Walmart?)

Currently I have used this for a week. Hope it won’t bother me with any problem