Public Transportation in Syracuse

The city has good public transportation. Especially if you compare it to Jakarta. I pay much higher (2K rupiahs in Jakarta, 2 USD in here) but it paid off.

ask this card if you need one. only valid for one route

The bus has its punctuality. It’s equipped with mobility lifts or ramps to assist customers in boarding the vehicle (cool, huh?). Besides, we can bring bicycles on a bus. It’s equipped with bicycle racks on the front of the bus.

clean and simple bus stop

you can never go wrong with these

hang ur bike here

can u see that sign above me?


2 Comments to “Public Transportation in Syracuse”

  1. Piece of advice: ditch those paper bus routes and opt for Google Transit on your smartphone instead. They have accurate up-to-the-minute schedule of buses. Better yet, check if your local transit authority has a similar service on their website or app.

    • ewh, I’m quite disappointed with T-Mobile. It takes forever to load a page. My smartphone doesn’t work on T-Mobile 3G network. It only works on EDGE *sigh*. Currently I’m capturing each schedule on my iPad so I don’t have to wait the full page loaded.

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