Note to Self… Might be to You Too :)

Hi! It’s been a long time not updating this written journey. I’ve been very busy. These things drove me crazy. I’m not gonna grumble… just want to share some important points, jus in case I ran this problem again. Or might be you, gonna come to this country, Amen.

  1. Transportation. It’s important to not waste your 1 USD banknotes. I change the coupur in my wallet to 1 USD since the Centro Bus (public transportation ran in Syracuse) required exact fare as the driver NEVER brings the change. You’ve to pay 2 USD in one pass.
  2. An iPad is such a blessing. iPad makes a great travel companion. It brings books to read, series to watch, not to mention map to guide. Yep, we rely on this map for transit direction or for walking toward the University.
  3. Run a search for local groceries that provide fresh vegetables and fruits. Lucky us, we found Target. We found many fresh foods here. Bananas, fresh meat not to mention rice and Sambal Oelek 😀
  4. Forget your kerupuk, ikan asin, gado-gado, bakso.. Those yummy foods are not available here.
  5. Don’t expect too much from ‘high speed connection’. I found that the internet connection here as ‘high speed’ as Jakarta, Indonesia.

You might change your mind about living abroad, eh?


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