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July 25, 2012

On Being Persistent. Not

Telemarketer : “Good afternoon, Ma’am. Have you hand your Master *** credit card?”
Me  : “Yep..”
Telemarketer : “Good. May I help you to activate your account?”
Me  : “Ugh, sorry. I’m about to bow out this month and I don’t intend to use this card since I have another”
Telemarketer : “OK then, thanks, bye”

Telemarketer : “Hi, can I speak to Mrs. Putri?”
Me  : “Speaking”
Telemarketer : “Ma’am, I see that your account have not activated yet. Can I help you to do so?”
Me  : *sigh*
Telemarketer : “Uh, excuse me?”
Me  : “Nothing. I just wanna confirm that I will leave this company this month. I’m about to go overseas”
Telemarketer : “Oh, I see.. Thanks, Ma’am”

Telemarketer : “Mrs. Putri? Oh, hi.. Don’t you want to use your credit card? I can help you right now”
Me  : “Sorry, I’m leaving this month. Go overseas.”
Telemarketer : “But you can still use your card in another country, Ma’am.”
Me  : “Can’t you get the point? If I agree to activate my account then I will have BIG PROBLEM to pay that!”
Telemarketer : “OK, Ma’am. Thanks. Have a nice day”

Oh yeah. Have. A. Nice. Day. Too