What I Learned from Worldwide Institution

I have ever worked with some national, multinational and worldwide financial and or IT institution regarding certification, additional infrastructure, latest product or an extra network. There are some things I observe during working with them.

What I like the most from huge institution is: worldwide company is always welcome us as client. They have impressive and brief response. Unlike local vendors who has different behavior. Some of them easily ignore the inquiry customer propose. Based on my experience, I remark that a certain provider is very lazy replying my e-mail. They answer the e-mail quickly if it is sent by my supervisor. Geez, this is such a turn off for me. Lucky me I don’t have to work together with this vendor for long time.

Apart from the response, worldwide institutions have great documentation. Overview, how to, reference, scenario, output expected, testing variation, simply check documentation they have given, almost all your question answered.


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