I Quit

I presently am preparing to leave (again) my current job. Is it too quick, quit from one company within 9 months? Don’t get me wrong, look at my previous job history and you won’t judge me as the one who frequently change jobs :D. I’m proudly say that I loved working in my former (before this one) company thus I rather feel sad leaving BRI. That was a quite long story, I don’t intend telling it now. The most important is my current resignation experience. Hope this one can be professionally.

Before handing out ‘it’ letter to my supervisor, I removed all of my personal items and files from computer and desk. Not so hard to do. I don’t consider my working area as my home (at least for now).

One said that if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all. I have to admit that it’s not easy. I must remember that I can’t burn any bridges, no matter how much tempted I am.

Yesterday I passed my exit interview. I told my team leader about how I felt about my job, co-worker and working environment. My team leader asked me to do transfer knowledge and train my replacement. He surely doesn’t know me well as he asks me to do so. Sure I will do. I have my own note on ALL steps I’ve done while accomplishing project. I wrote down database name, IP address, user ID, emulators, how to connect (by radmin, remote server or so on). I even took capture of my tests as guidance for anyone needed. I don’t want my replacement stuck in limbo like I did before. Considering my replacement is a fresh graduate, I have to train him from scratch.


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