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July 18, 2012

Pre Departure Briefing

Yesterday we had pre departure briefing regarding to our departure in August. Not only for US grantees, but also UK grantees. In this briefing we’re told about what to bring, what to do, what is allowed and what is not.
I think this is a useful meeting since I’ve never had such a long journey before. Moreover it is my first trip abroad (yay!).

The trainer said that things to be concerned are:

  1. Original documents (I20, Visa, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, passport, Airlines ticket, Marriage certificate, transcript, financial support)
  2. Complete university address (and your future apartment address)
  3. Copy of birth certificate
  4. Proper clothing
  5. Personal needs
  6. Travel adapter
  7. TSA secure lock
  8. Cash, travel checks that not exceeds 10.000USD (in all currency)
  9. Luggage max 2 pcs. Each max 23 kg
  10. Hand carries 1 piece max 7 kg

PS: thanks to Hardani for the picture