Keeping the Deadline: Break it Down into Smaller Steps then Focus!

I love my work. I do. I learn new ideas almost everyday. I can’t imagine if I have to change my career someday.

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Over time I learned that I can only manage one job at a time. Be it trouble shooting, batch processing, testing with user, preparing environment or simply documentation. Once you assign tasks to me, bear in mind that those can not be accomplished in the similar deadline. I will break those into phase then sort it out one by one. It works for me. I don’t have to split my attention working on batch processing while conducting User Acceptance Test.

Besides, I believe that switching from a task to another costs my productivity much. I don’t want to close the log haphazardly; I want it to be satisfactory piece of work. When I’m engaged at one project, I will be fully engage, for defined periods of  project timeline. When I’m doing the log, I truly do the log. Taking a rest for a while can bring the spark in my day. Instead of analyzing what has been done while I spend my time working on another task.



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