I Feel Terrible for Saying that I Give Up

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I found myself exceptionally irritated by the noise in my current working space. I can’t stand anyone who boisterous and not give any respect to others. I have to say this sadly that I give up having my productivity decreased, my work hindered, and my concentration gone away. My job required me to THINK and any LOUD talking whatsoever destroys my train of thought.

I read in an article that controlling noise in the workplace enhances worker productivity and protects employees’ hearing and health. I couldn’t agree more. Every time I had auditory disturbances, I felt my level of adrenaline’s getting higher and I can’t stop grumbling. I can feel that this is not good for my mental & physical health.

I did ask a help from my supervisor. I even ask my boss to change my office to a more quietly place. It’s useless. Nothing happened. None helped. I have to take an action, lest I let my health be ruined.

Frankly, I feel really sad. I loved my daily job. I loved my new experience. Every project is unique and presenting an opportunity to hone my skill in IT banking. But this noisy workplace is just too much to handle. I merely need proper and conducive working place. Am I asking too much?


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