Pasar Rawabening Jatinegara

Should you have any interest in pearl, gems or keris you have to pay a visit to this special market. Pasar Rawa Bening is known as one of thematic market for gems. It is located right across Jatinegara station. For your information, the market building is renovated in 2010. It becomes much better than 7 years ago, when me and my friend visited there. Still, you’ve to maintain your cool while doing bargain with the seller. It is called ‘pasar’ for a reason,eh?

This place is really worth your visit especially if you love precious gemstones. Not only Indonesian, I saw some foreign tourists that are busy restring pearl necklace by themselves!


3 Comments to “Pasar Rawabening Jatinegara”

  1. review harganya dong kakaaak ;;)

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