Me and My Least Messy Desk

I read an article in Businessweek today about how disheveled desk can be detrimental for career path. Then an idea to search ‘clean your messy desk’ crossed on my mind. Geez, I found LOTS of serious articles (Forbes, Businessweek, Dailymail) about messy desk! I wonder is it hard to keep the desk clean? Me thinks NOT at all. I’ll show you mine :D.

neat as a pin, huh?

I can thank my dad for that. I was in my elementary school when he taught me to keep my desk clean. He ordered me to establish zones in my desk for different functions: an area to write, book area, and stationary area. He asked me to give everything a place, and then set limits on the amount of items in each so it wouldn’t cause much wreck looking for anything on my desk. I bet he would be happy looked at my working desk today.


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