Cacophony Heard at Most Hectic Project

Pic is taken from here

What is more frustrating than a noise affecting your productivity? Heck, I bet there’s nothing beat that noise voice. In my humble opinion, a comfortable working environment is more than just a desk, a chair and a computer. I spend biggest part of my day working ergo I need a little comfy there.

I easily got distracted by any ramble, especially in an extreme tone. I can’t stop wondering “Why does one have to yell while discussing with co-worker face to face? Do they think that other person have hard of hearing?”

One day I bumped into an electronic journal by Department of Psychology, University College London, UK. They conducted a study to look distracting effect of pop music on introvert and extrovert. The result showed that there was a detrimental effect on immediate recall on the memory test for both groups when music was played.

Should I suggest another research to see the effect of boisterous man next to your cubicle?

I don’t mind him yelling at me, though 😀


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