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June 30, 2012

Self-Assessment: Cover Letter

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I have no idea about how many resume I’ve sent. Yet don’t ask me about personality, aptitude, IQ test I’ve been through. I can tell you any kind of those! Perhaps I should put in writing particular tips and trick how to pass the tests. Haha! Kidding! I’ve totally forgot about those. Why bother to remember kind of thing when you need your mind for another? Don’t waste any more time racking your brain.

It’s not tests I want to talk about. Recently I read in HBR Blog about cover letter. What makes that post interesting? Cover letter! I’m an eager beaver when it comes to polishing my resume up! Read. Browse. Find. But NOT EVER copy one. After reading the post I evaluate my own resume & cover letter.

I’m confident enough to state that my cover letter is good. Don’t ask me to put it down here, btw. Good cover letter should explain who you are in first place. Don’t… once again… Don’t be redundant and banal. Your detailed data should be provided in CV, not in cover letter. Give an offer to person you write to. Personalize it, don’t use Control C Control V from someone else’s letter. It’s you that need the job! One said that dull resume is an instant turn off, so don’t bury yourself by sending letter as if copied from “How to Get a Job in 10 Days”.