A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I adore picture tho I’m not talented at making one (drawing, painting or taking a picture). No matter how hard I tried, an art class became terror and tedium rolled into one *sigh*.  If you were my high school teacher, you’ll probably remember that skinny-clumsy-girl. It is not exaggerate thing if I say I completely relieved once I graduated from high school.  That means I will never ever have any art (singing, drawing, handicraft-making) classes. Still, one should not be bothered by that fact, rite? Everybody has right freely to enjoy the arts.

Recently I click WordPress Freshly Pressed religiously. I love the ideas, content and the pics! Last night I stunned over these pictures

That picture tells about the person behind the desk. Very clean, punctual yet discipline. I might be wrong but clearly it impress me much. Can you imagine working in this beautiful shed? Oh my….

the pictures were taken from here.


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