Current Eye Candy I Drool Over: Kate Spade

As I work in a formal environment, I tend to play safe in my business attire. No solid color allowed, at least for my suits, bag and accessories.  Therefore I can blame my beloved cousin Dita and best friend Cici for making me breaking my own rule. I checked Kate Spade web store after they mention about this brand. FYI,  Kate Spade is known for her joyful style. I spotted one bright-tiny-purse then I couldn’t help but to keep eyeing this beautiful wallet.  It surely add a dash of joy to my outfit. To be honest, 51USD is out of my budget for a purse. Is it wrong to ask an early birthday present?


One Comment to “Current Eye Candy I Drool Over: Kate Spade”

  1. hmmihihihihi… it’s my guilty pleasure.. 😀

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