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June 21, 2012

Another Check List

It’s been a little while since I’ve done my self-note, so I thought today would be a great opportunity to share a new thing that stumbled upon while having conversation with my husband.

  1. Don’t forget to let your bank know that you’re going to go overseas. Inform them! Especially if you have never go abroad before. Bank’s policy might block your account from being used out of your country.
  2. The rule is applied to your credit card also. Call the issuer bank to notify that there might be an unusual transaction coming to their authorization message.
  3. Check your telecommunication provider regarding international roaming. I currently am using Indosat prepaid as my cellular number. Last week I visited the customer service counter at Mal Ambasador. According to the officer, there is nothing I have to sign to activate the feature. I still can receive any call, do the call, send short message. All transactions are charged international roaming, though.

There are steps you have to do:

  • To ensure you get promo rate, do these before leaving (only for Blackberry):

Click Manage Connection > Mobile Network Option > Network Selection Mode Manual >  Choose No in Select Automatic Mode When Manually Selected Network Is Not Available. Note: don’t click YES or PROMPT since the network will automatically choose the stronger signal (maybe not Indosat partner that will cause any additional charge applied)

  • Minimum balance is 50K rupiahs
  • If you choose to not using data services while you’re abroad, deactivate the network by clicking Options > Mobile Network On > Data Service Off when/while Roaming. Make sure you’re log out from ALL application you use (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • You still can use Wifi
  • Check your balance: click *555# (free of charge)
  • Bear in mind that operator name appeared not always same as the operator name.