[For Sale] : Yamaha Vixion 2008

Do you have something that has been beaten to death? Mine is a lot, especially electronic stuffs. Personal computer, laptop, handphone, ipod.. Almost my entire personal thing!
My husband on the other hand is the total opposite. He has principal: sell your stuff before it reaches its lowest point, even before those starts ‘falling apart’ .
This rule applied to almost all of his assets, including this one. Due to our coming soon departure, this one must go as soon as possible.

look at me!

Yamaha Vixion 2008.

Don’t worry, this is the spec. I’m not an expert when it comes to motorcycle, so this spec is not technical
1. Km 21.500.  This bike has clean title, not a salvaged title bike.
2. The owner is my husband himself.
3. Feel free to do an initial walk-around of the motorcycle
4. It is not modified vehicle
5. Forks/shocks are not leaking at all
6. It has complete documents

Should you have any inquiry, feel free to drop your comment


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