To Read or Not To Read

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a never ending fight with her brothers over new magazines or books. That girl was me. My father read his children like a book, idiomatic and literally *grin*. He often brought a gift from his business trip. He even brought 7 books once! Oh, felt like heaven to me, opened my father’s luggage and found gifts wrapped inside. Then I cuddled up with the books he bought.

Bobo, Ananda, Si Kuncung, Siswa were my childhood until teenage years’ best friend. Too bad, I don’t see the same reading ability and habit of regular reading among children nowadays. Therefore I got amazed when I happened to enter Gramedia, Indonesian biggest book store and saw this boy sitting on the floor, concentrating on the heavy book undisturbed. This child impressed me as unusually gesture. Nothing distracted him. Interesting, eh?


One Comment to “To Read or Not To Read”

  1. I concur.

    Having background as a read-anything type, I too feel that today generation isn’t as avid-reader as ours. Back then, I even read in the Padang’s city-bus! You know.. the one that have ‘hingar bingar’ music..

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