Mie Ayam Yunus, Pasar Tebet Barat

yamin bakso besar


It was 11 am on Sunday morning and I haven’t got up yet. Apparently I’ve got a rumbling tummy I need to silence. A brilliant idea flashed into my mind: how about taking a bowl of mie yamin? I begged my husband to accompany me to go to Mie Ayam Yunus, in Pasar Tebet Barat. Oh, FYI, mie yamin is a kind of noodle with sweet soy sauce. It is served with chicken or mushroom, meatball and fried wonton. One of the best mie yamin I ever taste is mie yamin from Mie Ayam Yunus. My grandmother often brought me there after having groceries in Pasar Tebet Barat.

As I was going to Pasar Tebet Barat one day (oh, that busy wedding invitation days!), I happened to go to that stall again. As I entered the market, I happened to stop on the market corner. My breath caught in my throat. Not only the memory that stall brought to mind.  I can close my eyes and clearly remember the smell the air, the sounds and my grandma’s hand on my little fingers. Apparently Mie Ayam Yunus has become one of the success store around that market. The building clearly is bigger and tidier than 20 years ago.


It is confirmed on my husband’s financial sheet that I’ve gone there for 5 times in last three months. Don’t be confused, my husband is a well-financial-organized one. He put ANY SINGLE transaction down on the sheet every single day. That’s why I know that I’ve been mie-ayam-ing for 5 times 😀

About Mie Ayam Yunus itself, here is the map.


Why don’t you try the menus by yourself? Bear in mind that the one you should worry about is not the price, but the traffic jam! Driving in Pasar Tebet Barat is hell on your sanity, I mean it.

Mie Ayam Pak Yunus.
Jl. Tebet Barat Dalam VIIID no. 1. (Samping Pasar Tebet)
Jakarta Selatan.
Tel. 794 5363, 7094 5363

3 Comments to “Mie Ayam Yunus, Pasar Tebet Barat”

  1. Glek! i really love mie yamin… thanks for the pic although i need the ‘real pic’ wkwkwkwk.. btw you should study how to make it Put, i think it will be difficult to find in US ^_^

    • Gosh, I myself drool over the pic right now. am thinking of asking Yoga to go there tonight, hahaha… I read Indonesian blogger living in Canada that post how much she craved for delicious-original-mie-yamin…
      Di Benhil ada mie yamin ga yaaaaa

  2. Aaaah. I knew this place!! Couldn’t agree more on the taste and ambiance that will haunt you to come back to this place again sometimes.


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