True, It’s In the Genes

My brother told me to check photo he sent later. I waited for a while then there it was.. It was a capture of Kompas, Indonesian daily newspaper. What was the urgency? Why should I take a look to that picture? Aha! That was my father’s letter to Suara Pembaca.

Hours later one of my cousins asked me via Blackberry Messenger

Her : “Hey, mbak! What did your father write about?”

Me : “Ugh, that’s sort of complaint letter. He questioning why his daughter did not pass the central bank selection process”

30 second later.. Before she’s taking it seriously I replied.

Me : “No! Joking! Actually he asked about the central bank policy for issuing the newly designed Rupiahs banknotes for denomination 50K and 100K without any information to public (via newspaper). His question was a little bit technical, actually, haha!”

No, I’m not going to talk about the question. I had such an epiphany, we did share the same gene (I’m his daughter, so you are not surprised, eh?). If I have a certain opinion about someone(thing), I could think about it many times. Time goes by and I could not stop thinking about it, I’ll ponder to get that idea done. Hey, I’m a doer! So does my father. I can imagine he hold the new 50K rupiahs then demand an answer about that banknote, why this one does has the identical design as before? What’s value added? Is this banknote worth the renewal design? How about the cost? He kept thinking about that then made decision to write a letter. One thing I know for sure: I inherited my father’s ‘no doubt’ action.


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