Joni Steak

Today I decide to invite my colleagues go out for a sumptuous lunch. Not a much luxury, actually… but still more splendid than any restaurant around my office.

Early in the morning I sent this e-mail with this subject: Defect Mercury #1234. Two of my friends are vendor that hold in charge to check, verify and fix the error. Hilarious thing is: she checks the log after receiving my e-mail, thought that there WAS a real defect. Gotcha, Jovita!

A funny friend of mine replied:


I know that they’re seldom have a lunch at Joni Steak. So there we were! I withdrew some of money via ATM, since I ran out of cash and I thought that it will cost X rupiahs. I was a little bit surprised when paying the bill and knew the amount was only 1/3 of the amount I withdrew.

In my humble opinion, Joni Steak is a suitable place to treat your friends. The place is roomy but not too crowded. Some of reviewer loves the taste. Me thinks that it’s not bad and not good also, hehehe. Why don’t you give Joni Steak a try, by the way?

Joni Steak
Jl. Gajah Mada Raya No.91Kota-JakartaPusat
Jakarta Pusat, DKIJakarta
Telp: 021-97882500

left to right: me, eka, ira, ratih, jovita and cucu


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