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June 9, 2012


As promised, I update further information about Medikaloka once I have the clue.
Gloomy morning didn’t make my husband cancel the vaccination plan. So there we were, got 2 injections each. I thought it would bite much, seems I was wrong. Consultation fee (this is our first MMR vaccin so we have to consult with the doctor) only 180K. MMR vaccin cost 260K (note: this is for two times. The next should be on 30 days later). Meningitis vaccin charged 198K.

About Medikaloka itself, I understand why this clinic has been recommended by many sources. It has certification (hanged behind receptionist desk) and has been known among expats. I saw many Japanese, American even Indian. Doctor we met, named doctor Anton, was a very old man. Not talk too much, but I kinda like this kind of person rather the chatty one.

If this is your first visit, the nurse will check your physical sign (temperature, blood pressure etc) before sending you to the doctor room. Nurses work efficiently, I must say, which I like 😀